Friday, August 10, 2012

New cummer virtue absent

We want to welcome our newest member Virtue she also new to the porn world so lets make her feel welcome heres a few things about her.

candy: how long you been in the porn industry?

Virtue: This is all very new to me.

candy: what made you choose to be a porn-star?

Virtue: I guess for the thrill and excitement of just being able to turn someone on.

candy: What turns you on? 

Virtue: Being taken by a man who knows what hes doing, to be rough and just to fuck me.

 candy:. What are your turn ons? 

Virtue: A dominate man who knows how to treat a woman with out treating her like shit.

candy: whats your fantasy here in the porn world?

Virtue: Just being able to please and tease, show men and woman how close yet how far I am from them.

candy: whats the one thing about sex that grosses you out? 

Virtue: I have this thing about getting or being sticky, I really can not handle it. Odd right?

candy: what word do you use the most

Virtue: I think they change from week to week, right now it is I know right?

candy: if you were given a choice over a photo shoot or film what would you choose?
Virtue: Maybe a Photo Shoot?

candy: favorite porn film?

virtue: Not sure I even have a favorite porn film.

candy:. what inspired you to become a porn star?

virtue: Honestly? It was one of those My friends were doing it so why not.

candy:  if you were asked to do one thing for a day what would it be and why?

virtue: This I don't know. After all I joined Sl to be anything but me and to do as I wish when I wished.