Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Cummer DaneThorn

We want to welcome our newest member Dane his also new to the porn world so lets make him feel welcome heres a few things about him.

kitty: how long you been in the porn industry?

Dane: i am a porn virgin 

kitty: what made you choose to be a porn-star?

Dane: it is something different to do 

Kitty: What turns you on? 

Dane: caresses, sexy talk

Kitty:  What are your turn ons? 

Dane: not sure yet 

Kitty: whats your fantasy here in the porn world?

Dane 3sum or more 

Kitty: whats the one thing about sex that grosses you out? 

Dane: scat golden showers 

Kitty: what word do you use the most

Dane: lol

Kitty: if you were given a choice over a photoshoot or film what would you choose?

Dane: film

Kitty: favorite porn film?

Dane: too many to list 
Kitty: what inspired you to become a porn star?

Dane: seen a couple of films on slporntube 

Kitty:. if you were asked to do one thing for a day what would it be and why? 

Dane: president of a gas company so i can lower the price of gas 

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