Saturday, July 28, 2012

Newest Member: Oggie Boogie [boogatx]

We want to welcome our newest member to BDDP Oggie Boogie [boogatx]
we chatted and did a small interview with him his a awesome funny guy read bellow on what
he had to say to us 

Candy: how long you been in the porn industry? 

Oggie Boogie [boogatx]: Just started, so I have yet to book anything serious.

Candy: what made you choose to be a porn-star? 

Oggie Boogie [boogatx]: I respect all the work done in this community and really wanted to be a part of it.

Candy: What turns you on?

Oggie Boogie [boogatx]: i like everything about sex, but I would have ot say that women with confidence and who are comfortable within their own sexuality are not afraid to go get what they want.

Candy: What are your turn ons? 

Oggie Boogie [boogatx]: Fast cars, large caliber guns, and beautiful confident women.

Candy: whats your fantasy here in the porn world?

Oggie Boogie [boogatx]: There are too many to go through. Let's get on crossing some off of that list.

Candy: whats the one thing about sex that grosses you out? 

Oggie Boogie [boogatx]: I don't do urine, scat, blood, ageplay, or death... just doesn't do anything for me.

Candy:. what word do you use the most? 

Oggie Boogie [boogatx]: Awesome

Candy: if you were given a choice over a photoshoot or film what would you choose? 

Oggie Boogie [boogatx]: Film, definitely

Candy: favorite porn film?
Oggie Boogie [boogatx]: RL - Dangerous Tides, SL - Milf In Law

Candy: what inspired you to become a porn star? 

Oggie Boogie [boogatx]: The quality of the community, the upper echelon of porn here is really good stuff. Serenity and Arwen Juneberry are my favorite stars to date.

Candy: if you were asked to do one thing for a day what would it be and why? 

Oggie Boogie [boogatx]: I would have sex with as many women as possible. I believe sex is the most expressive way to give a part of yourself to someone else, even if it is just for film.

BDD Productions Candy

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