Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Cummer Quise radius

We want to welcome our newest member to BDDP quise radius
we chatted and did a small interview with him his a awesome funny guy read bellow on what
he had to say to us 

Kitty:how long you been in the porn industry?

Quise:I been in the porn industry for a couple of days. lol but have had plenty in fun in those few days.

Kitty:what made you choose to be a porn-star?

Quise:Well the beauitful women of course. Also it looked fun and and the people I met on the inside seemed pretty cool.

Kitty:What turns you on? 

Quise:Hmm.. well I like all types of women. The biggest turn on for me is tattoos. If she has more that 2 tattoos she got my attention. lol i'm black so yeah big butts as dont judge me..Also if she makes me laugh she in there.

 kitty:What are your turn ons? 

Quise:lol this question I dont kni that well. Could be my charisma, my good looks, nice smile....You'd have to ask the females ont that one

kitty: whats your fantasy here in the porn world?

QuiseHmm to female police officers in a jail and no I've never been arrested

kitty:whats the one thing about sex that grosses you out? 

Quise:hmmm i can't think of anything lol beside getting pee'd and pooped on

Kitty: what word do you use the most

Quise:lol and sup

 Kitty: if you were given a choice over a photoshoot or film what would you choose?

Quise:I would say phootshoot because it brings out the sexy in everybody

Kitty: favorite porn film?

Quise:Don't have a favorite but I have a favorite actress which is Jane Jane. 
Kitty: what inspired you to become a porn star?

Quise:The females and meeting people in the porn industry.

Kitty:. if you were asked to do one thing for a day what would it be and why?

Quise: lol Sleep cause im lazy as hell

Well there you have it there will be a picture shoot coming shortly with my self kitty

thank you quise for joining us and we hop you have a great time with us here at BDDP hehe

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